Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Gift of Timing

I went for a 10k run at lunch time. I want to get more conditioned for heat, as most of my training runs are early in the morning or at dusk. I definitely sweat a lot more, but wasn't abnormally thirsty. The route is along all the busy roads surrounding our suburb. About halfway I saw a police helicopter circling up ahead and the traffic was starting to pile up. I got to the scene. It was cordoned off with police tape, numerous police vehicles and some bumped cars lined the road. Initially I was annoyed as this accident was in the way of my route. It was also right at an intersection that would not compromise on the distance too much. So after standing around for a while I diverted down the other route, as I wanted to do a good time too.

Later that day, my house mate asked if I heard about the shooting on that road. I was shocked. He gave me his grape vine version. You can read the news article here. One man was killed and three others wounded in the shoot out. Immediately I realised that if I had gone for my run a bit earlier, I might have been in the crossfire. 

I thought through my morning. How annoyed I was about the small admin time wasters. I realised that those time wasters were a gift. Those things that "wasted" my time, might have saved my life or have prevented trauma.

I now try to see everything as a gift, and I'm grateful for it, even though I don't see the purpose immediately.

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